CandleTime Starter Set
$65 Value

The It’s CandleTime Book and Activity Cards go together like candy and Christmas stockings. They are meant to be used together!

Which makes this Basic Set the perfect way to begin. It gives you the two essential elements you need to bring the magic of CandleTime into your home.

  1. The Book. Which contains complete instructions, rules, tips and the Inspirational Readings that are the heart of the Tradition.
  2. The full set of 61 charming Activity Cards. These provide guidance for the acts of kindness, giving, secret giving, and connection that make CandleTime so meaningful and fun. (For more detailed information about the Book and Activity Cards see the individual descriptions of each item.)

You also receive our little “Quick Start Guide” bookmark with the five steps of the tradition easily outlined for quick reference.

You’ll discover this little set to be one of the best Christmas investments you’ll ever make! You will use it year after year for decades to come. Whether you share the Tradition with your kids, your partner, or do it by yourself, something magical happens when you spend just a few minutes a day doing the CandleTime Tradition. Instead of drowning in a sea of doing and stuff, CandleTime enriches the whole season by giving you the best gift of all, a fulfilling and meaningful Christmas.

Adults love it. Kids love it. Start anytime. Order yours today!

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