Classic Candle Snuffler

Our Classic Candle Snuffler is everything we love in a snuffler. Over the decades we’ve used a lot of different styles of candle snufflers and we’ve learned what makes a good one—this candle snuffler has it all!

Swivel head.
The most important feature of all this allows you to easily extinguish tapers, pillars, votives, and candles in jars or other containers.

Comfortable to hold.
Lightweight with an easy to grasp, rounded handle that fits both kid and adult-sized hands, it’s the snuffler we keep coming back to after trying out the more decorative whimsical styles.

Long handle
When it’s week four and you have four candles to snuffle, you will appreciate the long handle that allows you to reach each candle without worrying about your, or your kid’s, hand being too close to a candle flame.