Activity Cards

CandleTime Activity Cards focus on creating moments of kindness, giving, and family connection. The full set includes 61 charming Cards that have evolved over decades of use by both kids and adults. With so many Activity Cards it’s easy to personalize the tradition for the different ages, stages and phases of your life.

Among the 61 Activity Cards you will find:

  • 30 Activities that focus on giving and kindness
  • 35 Activities all about fun and connection
  • 29 Activities that are suitable for Little Ones
  • 8 Activities we call, the Magic Bringers

Each set also includes 4 Special Day Cards* and 12 decorated blanks you can customize for your unique family traditions or one-of-a-kind special events or special surprises.

One of the beautiful things about CandleTime, is that it includes all those things you already do at Christmas. The CandleTime Tradition brings the element of magic and connection to the ordinary and turns it into something extraordinary.

As the years go by, certain cards will become your favorites. Your heart will lift with delight when you hear an excited voice announce, “It’s Drop-a-Dollar!” “It’s Sean’s Special Day!” “We get to be Santa’s Elves!” “It’s time for SSSS!” The cards will become a little softer and a little worn but they will be filled with memories woven from precious moments of kindness and connection that carried the magic of Christmas into your home.


* If you have a more than four in your family you can contact us to order extra Special Day Cards.