CandleTime Book
The Complete Guide

This little book is your complete guide to bringing the magic of the CandleTime Tradition into your home and into your heart!

The first half of the book is a quick easy read that touches on everything you need to know to create the Tradition in your home including:

  • What supplies you’ll need,
  • How the Tradition is structured,
  • How to do each of the five steps of the Tradition,
  • The rules,
  • Tips for doing something like this with reluctant teens and curmudgeonly partners.
  • A list all of the Activity Cards with detailed instructions for the all-time favorite CandleTime Activities like Drop-a-Dollar, Special Days, Santa’s Elves, and, of course, SSSS!

The second half of the book contains 35 CandleTime Daily Readings. These Inspirational Daily Readings are little gems and are designed to complement the Candles. They provide an opportunity for thoughtful reflection that adults, teens and kids all find meaningful. You might be surprised to hear them share their thoughts and experiences in deeper ways than our busy lives allow. Even little kids enjoy listening and following along. As everyone grows these Inspirational Daily Readings, and the moments of connection and reflection they inspire, become the best part of the Tradition.

The CandleTime Tradition adapts easily to all beliefs, ages and stages of life. Families, couples, and individuals, have been doing this tradition for generations and it is, without question, their favorite part of the Holiday Season. Now it can be yours too! This little book will show you how to use the CandleTime Tradition to create a meaningful and fulfilling Tradition in your home that will last for generations to come!