Very Special Meaning 


I thought I would let you know about sharing this Tradition at my church today. I got applause at the end! They liked hearing about how I brought Roger the Scrooge into the process. They also liked hearing about his SSSS of sending cash to his ex-wives. I did make the point that even very ordinary activities like writing a check to charity and decorating the Christmas Tree could expand into something bigger and sometimes magical.

The year before Roger died, he decided to help decorate the Christmas tree which he had never done in the past. Without saying anything to me, he went out and bought a box of matchbox cars, drilled a hole in each and added a hook. He brought them in and added them to the tree. He and his car business were represented. Now our tree still has matchbox cars and of course they carry a very special meaning. Thank you for the gift of this Tradition. It brought Roger and I moments of real tenderness.  — Bernie N.