Our Purpose and Values

Our Purpose:

To help shift the focus of the Holidays away from stress and stuff by helping anyone who values kindness and connection:

    • reflect on the things that really matter,
    • spend time connecting in a meaningful way with others,
    • feel seen and heard even as they learn to notice and listen to others,
    • engage in memory-making activities and quiet reflection time.
    • find an oasis, a pause, that brings meaning and fulfillment to the Holiday Season

Our Values:

Above all we value kindness and connection.  Oh wait, we already said that. But we really do!

We bring it into our workplace by prioritizing these values in our relationships with each other and with our customers. Our goal is to give our customers quality, responsive, and helpful service.

We also value kindness to the planet and the generations who will be living here long after we're gone. Whenever possible we:

    • purchase local and American made products,
    • support small businesses,
    • choose eco-friendly, sustainable products.
    • strive to reduce our carbon footprint


CandleTime Deluxe Set
$224 Value
Now $156!

The Deluxe Set includes everything—as in everything! No need to order something later or make-do. The Deluxe Set includes: It’s CandleTime Book, 61 Activity Cards, 5 Extra Special Day Cards, 10 CandleTime Meditations, 8 Gifts that Matter Cards, 20 Christmas Eve Poems, Large Velvet Bag, Hanging Display and our Quick Start Guide Bookmark.

Who’s doing the CandleTime Tradition?

Long Distance with Zoom

If there is one thing we have learned recently — connecting with those we love does not have to be in person!  This tradition works well with a video call to those you want to share with!


There are times in our lives when our friends are our family.  CandleTime is a great way to deepen those connections and build lifelong friendships.

Older Adults

Older adults love the sense of purpose and connection the tradition fosters with grandchildren, family members and friends.

Couples of All Ages

A precious time to connect in ways our everyday lives don’t allow. These few moments will become the favorite part of your day.

Families with Older
Kids and Teens

The magic of CandleTime can inspire even the most skeptical of teens.  As families grow with the tradition the activities encourage kindness, giving and provide precious memories.

Families with Little Ones

Little ones love the candles, the magic, the fun, and attention the tradition brings.