What is CandleTime? It's Connection...

It's Kindness...

It's Giving...

It's Family Fun...

It's Magic!

With the simple words, “It’s CandleTime,” you’ve begun the best part of the holiday season. With each day comes a new activity to bring your focus to what this season is all about: kindness, giving and family connection— the things that really matter.

The tradition is short, sweet and fun!

It begins the first day of December or whenever you can — even a week or a few days is worth doing — and lasts through the 25th. It takes just 10 - 15 minutes a day and by the time Christmas Day comes around something fulfilling and meaningful is alive in your home and heart.

If you are looking to bring kindness, giving and connection into your holiday season, the CandleTime tradition is for you! Join others of all ages and discover why it has become their favorite part of the Holiday season!


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The Little Ones Love It Too!

Thank you for offering this tradition to us!  My 4 year old son Jack really took to the daily activities and looked forward to seeing what the next card would bring.  Any tasks that involved secrecy […]

Very Special Meaning 

I thought I would let you know about sharing this Tradition at my church today. I got applause at the end! They liked hearing about how I brought Roger the Scrooge into the process. They […]

CandleTime in Florida

This year, I gave the CandleTime books, along with many helpful tools, to two of my administrators. I wanted them to have the opportunity to experience this tradition with their family. It has changed their lives! They […]

Going with the Flow

We are still enjoying this tradition so much!  I’ve found the focus really has shifted this year to our daily cards and activities and not to stress.  (or at least stress is greatly reduced!)  As  […]

CandleTime: The Story