For Some Reason I Wait


For reasons that aren’t logical we wait each year for this Activity Card, “Let’s Choose a Charity to Give To,” to show up. We save all the mail and email requests for donations that come in over the fall for when this card is pulled out of the CandleTime bag. Then we finally get to decide to who and how much we will give to organizations, charities and causes, this Christmas.

With online giving it’s gotten so simple to give to organizations that need our support and yet it doesn’t diminish the fun and joy of giving—that is still real. The process of choosing, whether it’s just you, you and your partner, or kids and adults, leads to discussions that show what each person values. It can be a lovely discovery.

If you have several different preferences of where to give, consider giving smaller amounts so each person can feel the joy of giving to a cause they value. Even a small amount makes a difference!

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