CandleTime Essential Set
$131 Value
Now $96!

The Essential Set has everything you need to create a meaningful and heart-warming experience of the Christmas Spirit. Just add your own candles (We’ve found it’s ultimately cheaper and more fun for you to provide your own candles that reflect the styles and colors that fit your family’s personality)

With the CandleTime Essential Set you receive:

  • The CandleTime Book filled with stories, instructions, Activity Card descriptions, Daily Readings and more!
  • Full set of 61 charming Activity Cards. These updated and delightful Activity Cards are the heart of the tradition! Connection? Kindness? Family Fun?Secret Giving? You get to choose what kinds of activities work best for you and your family.
  • Ten short downloadable Meditations, two for each candle in the Tradition. 5 of the shoat, calming, meditations are for little kids and the other five are for older kids to adult.
  • Small Velvet Bag
  • Candle Snuffer
  • Gifts That Truly Matter–8 Card Set
  • Christmas Eve Poem
  • Twine & Mini Pins Activity Card Hanger
  • Extra Special Day Cards  
  • Extra Blank Cards
  • 3 CandleTime Bookmark Guides
  • Beautiful Gold Box to store it all from year to year.

The Essentials Set makes a perfect gift for that person, or family, who cares about creating a Christmas filled with meaning, kindness and connection. Order yours now!

*Bag color and candle snuffer chosen by random selection.