CandleTime Essential Set
$80 Value!

The Essential Set sets you up for a meaningful and heart-warming experience of the Christmas Spirit.

With the CandleTime Essential Set you receive:

  • CandleTime Book
  • The full set of 61 charming Activity Cards
  • Ten short downloadable Meditations, one for each candle in the Tradition
  • Small Velvet Bag

The meditations are designed to cultivate the same qualities the candles represent. They begin with a few moments of calm relaxation then lead into feelings of hope, peace, love, or joy. Over the days and weeks you will notice the difference these few minutes of meditation bring to your mind and heart. The meditations are not only simple and effective, they add a rich level of connection and fulfillment and are suitable for adults and kids!

As part of the Essential Set you also receive a soft small velvet bag* complete with a drawstring that makes concealing the Activity Cards easy until it’s time to, “Open the Bag!” The velvet bag has just enough stretch to hold all 25 Activity Cards at one time, or plenty of room for a card and some small treats.

The Essentials Set makes a perfect gift for that person, or family, who cares about creating a Christmas filled with meaning, kindness and connection. Order yours now!

*Bag color chosen by random selection.

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