Author: Lisa Gray

The Little Ones Love It Too!

Thank you for offering this tradition to us!  My 4 year old son Jack really took to the daily activities and looked forward to seeing what the next card would bring.  Any tasks that involved secrecy and sneaking around were my son’s favorites! In the week leading up to Christmas, we put candy canes in the […]

Very Special Meaning 

I thought I would let you know about sharing this Tradition at my church today. I got applause at the end! They liked hearing about how I brought Roger the Scrooge into the process. They also liked hearing about his SSSS of sending cash to his ex-wives. I did make the point that even very […]

CandleTime in Florida

This year, I gave the CandleTime books, along with many helpful tools, to two of my administrators. I wanted them to have the opportunity to experience this tradition with their family. It has changed their lives! They are truly enjoying the family time. They also were so grateful for the honesty in the book, regarding “nothing is […]

Going with the Flow

We are still enjoying this tradition so much!  I’ve found the focus really has shifted this year to our daily cards and activities and not to stress.  (or at least stress is greatly reduced!)  As  predicted, I have had to change some of the plans, but it’s all working out fine.  Also, I really appreciated […]

Civil War Grumpies

We started the tradition as planned and so far my husband and two boys have been interested. But tonight, there is a football game on (Civil War) and there was a little chaos and grumpies when it was time to sit down to light our candle.  We sort of grumped through the lighting and were a […]

Long Distance with Zoom

If there is one thing we have learned recently — connecting with those we love does not have to be in person!  This tradition works well with a video call to those you want to share with!


There are times in our lives when our friends are our family.  CandleTime is a great way to deepen those connections and build lifelong friendships.

Older Adults

Older adults love the sense of purpose and connection the tradition fosters with grandchildren, family members and friends.

Couples of All Ages

A precious time to connect in ways our everyday lives don’t allow. These few moments will become the favorite part of your day.

Families with Older
Kids and Teens

The magic of CandleTime can inspire even the most skeptical of teens.  As families grow with the tradition the activities encourage kindness, giving and provide precious memories.